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The Future Of Shipping Is Now

About Tim

Hi, I am TIM, Technology in Maritime and I am happening at Mumbai on 29th July 2022

I will help you network globally with Industry Professionals and Leaders.

The Naval Connection events and activation team has proudly strategized and curated 2 of the world’s largest global maritime conferences and networking meets. The Future Skills Maritime (FSM) and Technology in Maritime (TIM) have become global brand names for maritime professionals across the world to contribute ideas, share experiences, and vision for the new technologically driven maritime world order ahead.

Our collective focus is to make shipping safer and cleaner. This will be possible only when we visualize the future of maritime operations and its demands from professionals. The FUTURE is NOW and each moment is giving rise to new opportunities – both exciting and challenging.

The previous edition of TIM in 2021 drew over 3000 professionals from across 40 countries who engaged in over 2 days of thought leadership sessions. We learn a lot from delegates who visit our conferences and share their brilliant ideas and innovation. Some of them are on their way to creating history with their path-breaking contribution to a more technologically advanced society and not just the maritime world

TIM offers a wide range of opportunities to speakers, service providers, and applicators of new and existing technology to reach new markets and broaden their scope and profitability through networking with global leaders and industry professionals.

Come and join us at the world stage and engage with the future.

TIM 2022 will be a Hybrid Metaverse Event in Mumbai on the 29th of July

You may participate in TIM is a Registered delegate or as a partner Sponsor

There are various ways in which you can partner with TIM 2022 as a Sponsor


Mr. Deepak Shetty

I.R.S.(Retd.), Former Secretary to the Government of India & Director General of Shipping and Currently Senior Adviser (India), MACN

Capt. Sankalp Shukla

Chairman, FOSMA and MD, Bernhard Schulte Ship Management (India)

Capt. Mahendra Bhasin

Chairman, Maritime Association of Shipowners Shipmanagers & Agents (MASSA)


Capt. Mahesh Yadav

Director, (Training), Fosma

Capt. Y. Sharma

Director, True North Competency Management

Mr. David Birwadkar

Advisor, (Head, Great Eastern Institute of Maritime Studies)

Ms. Ishita Chattopadhyay

CEO, Confidence Shipping

Mr. V. K. Jain

President, Institute of Marine Engineers (India) (IMEI) 

Capt. Shiv Halbe

CEO, Maritime Association of Shipowners Shipmanagers and Agents (MASSA)

Our Speakers

Capt. Pradeep Chawla

MD, QHSE and Training,
Anglo Eastern Ship
Management Ltd,

Mr. Kaushik Seal

Market Development Manager, StormGeo, Singapore

Capt. D. C. Sekhar

Director, AlphaMERS Ltd

Capt. Dhruv Sawhney

CEO & Co-Founder, Shipskart

Capt. Nikunj Parashar

CEO, Oceanos B.V.

Mr. Avinash S. Vaze

Senior Surveyor,
Indian Register of Shipping

Mr. Arun Janardhanan

Director of Development at MariApps

About The Organiser

The Naval Connection (TNC)

TNC is a start-up founded by Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee in the year 2019, with a vision to Building Value for the Future. TNC helps organizations to empower their human capital through state-of-the-art skill development modules via virtual/live workshops, coaching & mentoring, and other innovative interventions.

During the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the #TNC #VirtualAcademy has trained over 4000 seafarers and shore-based staff in various technical and non-technical skill-based courses in a span of just 20 months.

With a penchant to promote learning & knowledge sharing, #TNCEvents conceives innovative networking forums which help new and existing businesses and entrepreneurs to capitalize on new markets thereby increasing their business reach through participation and strong social media promotions.

#TNCEvents have helped thousands of professionals and businesses worldwide to connect and engage with each other which has led to their increase in business profitability. TIM 2022 will scale new heights with a hybrid model of both virtual and on-ground conference and networking 

Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee

Founder & CEO 'The Naval Connection'
Life Coach and Author of 'Mind Over Water

One on One Sessions

To Partner with TIM as a sponsor, please send a mail at or Call +91 9433078830