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iConnect e-business card

iConnect e-business cards are the all-encompassing, copyright, digital business card that will bring all your social media personas together in one unique place.

A sustainable product, which is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable but will immediately help cut down your carbon footprint. Globally, the printed, business card industry is estimated to contribute to over 500,000+ tons of Co2 into the atmosphere annually, over 6million trees are chopped down to print more than 20million cards every single day. There is a better, a more environmentally friendly and smarter way to share your communication channels.

We wanted to bring a product to market that addressed the current ways of working during COVID-19, where video conferencing and online business meetings have become the norm and having an e-business card requires no physical sharing allowing your customers, clients, family and friends to save your details digitally. Whilst remaining progressive enough to keep up with the ever-changing communication platforms through social media and beyond. You will never need to have another printed card again saving the use of paper, ink, packaging and posting forever.

iConnect Digital e-business card are for the present and for the FUTURE


Single touch connect

With a single touch, the recipient of your unique digital e-business card will be able to contact you through any communication methods you choose (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Voice call, WhatsApp, Email) and also be able to visit the on-line platforms you would like them to see whether it’s your website, online shop or much more.

Share as needed

Share your e-business card an unlimited number of times either by Email or WhatsApp. Simply save and store on your computer or smart phone, ready to use whenever you require.

Works across all smart phones.


iConnect designs

This unique ecard costs as little as Rs.999/-

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