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The two monumental challenges that the seafarers’ industry faces today, and probably shall face more in future are:

• A shortage in the supply of skilled seafarers worldwide, and

• Predicting future skills needs due to digital revolution

The Future Skills Maritime Global Conference 2020 shall be focusing on identification and analysis of future skills requirements in the maritime industry. The focus shall be to bridge gaps between the trainings offered and the actual need of the industry as an outcome of industrial revolution 4.0

The Naval Connection

The COVID19 pandemic has unleashed chaos that has also dealt a death blow to physical events. However, we have shown resilience and in fact glad to get this opportunity to scale new heights. Pivoting our approach to envision a global view, we have conceptualised FUTURE SKILLS MARITIME 2020. This is a great virtual platform for maritime professionals from across the world to contribute ideas, share experiences and vision for the new world order ahead.

Our collective focus is to make shipping safer and cleaner. This will be possible only when we visualise the future of maritime operations and its demands from professionals. The FUTURE is NOW and the world expectantly looks at us to see how we embrace it.

We are fortunate to have an amazing team on board. Besides, the virtual event would be a wonderful networking opportunity to explore new horizons and to enhance existing standards. Come aboard, all hands on deck!

Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee

Founder, The Naval Connection
Life Coach and Author of 'Mind Over Water







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Future Skills Maritime

A Networking Event You Will Not Want To Miss

The FSM will bring global organisations together and give the participants a unique opportunity to network and build contacts like they have never done before.

FSM is a great opportunity for Start-Ups or existing businesses to create new footprints in Indian markets

Keeping this in mind we have designed the FSM virtual platform to help you maximize your business reach and reach new heights

We have designed some very special sponsorship options which will help you to:

  • Book and Brand a table at the social lounge with your company’s name
  • Be a part of the panel discussions
  • Network and build contacts with powerful maritime business leaders and change makers
  • Let the world know about your business
  • Meet new clients
  • Enhance your Business reach
  • All through Future Skills Maritime

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    FSM is a great opportunity for Start-Ups or existing businesses to create new footprints in Indian markets.

    For more information and Sponsorships Options available