The COVID19 pandemic has unleashed chaos that has also dealt a death blow to physical events. However, we have shown resilience and in fact glad to get this opportunity to scale new heights. Pivoting our approach to envision a global view, we have conceptualised TECHNOLOGY IN MARITIME (TIM) Global Conference and Networking Meet 2021. This is a great virtual forum for maritime professionals across the world to contribute ideas, share experiences and vision for the new technologically driven maritime world order ahead.

Our collective focus is to make shipping safer and cleaner. This will be possible only when we visualise the future of maritime operations and its demands from professionals. The FUTURE is NOW and each moment is giving rise to new opportunities – both exciting and challenging.

TIM offers a wide range of opportunity to speakers, service providers and applicators of new and existing technology to reach new markets and broaden their scope and profitability through networking with global leaders and industry professionals.

About the Organisers

The Naval Connection (TNC)

#TNC is a start up founded by Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee in the year 2019, with a vision to ‘Building Value for the Future’. TNC helps organizations to empower their human capital through state of the art skill development modules via virtual live workshops, coaching & mentoring and other innovative interventions.

During the course of the corona virus pandemic the #TNC #VirtualAcademy has trained over 1800 seafarers and shore based staff in various technical and non technical skill based courses in a span of just 14 months.

With a penchant to promote learning & knowledge sharing, #TNCEvents conceives innovative networking forums which help new and exiting businesses and entrepreneurs to capitalize on new markets thereby increasing their business reach and profitability through participation and strong social media promotions.

In Nov 2020 #TNC ideated and convened maritime industry's largest global virtual conference on #skilldevelopment titled ‘Future Skills Maritime’ #FSM2020 which saw the participation of over 40 global maritime leaders and delegates from more than 35 countries

Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee

Founder & CEO 'The Naval Connection'
Life Coach and Author of 'Mind Over Water

The Future of Shipping is Now

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